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I get it: You are a totally unique woman with a jam-packed, successful & stressful life to match. But there’s just one little big problem. Too often, while doing-it-all, your health & wellbeing takes a backseat. As in the way-way-back.
One thing’s for sure: it’s a jungle out there. As Your Wellness Lioness (and board certified health counselor) I vow to be your guide. Sign up today to get weekly updates and my FREE E-Book


(and board certified health counselor)

I vow to help you make the time to claim your health & peace of mind.

I promise to…

Hunt down, and guide you through, all of the conflicting noise related to diets and food swirling around out there,

Provide you with simple recipes that have flavor (oh, and are super good for you, too), &

Empower you with the ability to make informed decisions on what we put in and on our bodies. (toxins, no thank you.)

I live for this.

Welcome to my pride.