On paper, you’ve got it all.

(well, no one uses paper anymore but you know what I mean.)

You’ve become whom you always wanted to be when you grew up. A successful woman with all the trimmings:

A Career. Relationships. Family. Loyal (and seriously funny) friends. A Home.

But when you lay your head down on your pillow every night, you know there will be no rest.

You know deep down something is just plain off. Is just not right.

You wish you were more confident, inspired, rested, clear-headed, energized, alive, serene, satisfied, glowing, balanced, invigorated, just, well, BETTER.

And you don’t know how to fix that. Because there’s just no time for YOU. You are always trapped worrying about tomorrow, rather than living today.

I know, because I’ve been there.

In my early 20’s, I was living my ideal life, all wrapped up in a pretty, humungous red bow (like the kind you see on car commercials): complete with a hedge fund accounting career and life in Manhattan, surrounded by my amazing friends & family.

But deep down, I was sick. I had every stress related ailment you could think of. I had a burden of extra weight on me. On my body and in my heart.


I was not listening to my body. I didn’t understand what it needed. Nor was I following my heart – I was not living my authentic life.

I was living someone else’s version of ‘the good life.’ I woke up one day, and made some changes. Including (against my inner miss super responsible and everyone else’s judgment) quitting that job. And moving. Putting myself through graduate school in order to begin a career in environmental science. By becoming a clean-whole-food-eating vegan.

Then, one night at 2am it hit me (isn’t that when all good inspirational moments of clarity seem to hit?)

I realized that at the end of every day, what I looked forward to, salivated about, could not shut up about to everyone in my life – was food. And more specifically GOOD food. Food with flavor. Whole food. Food that nourished me. Food that balanced me. Food that helped shore up my immune system & detoxify me.

I became a Board Certified Health Counselor so that I could empower women with the ability to tune into their bodies and understand not only their nutritional needs and cravings, but their emotional ones as well. In our modern, crazy-hectic world, it is near impossible to hear what your body is trying tell you, let alone your soul.

I know you keep saying that’s just life, right? Tomorrow, next week, I will get on track/stress less/eat better/go to yoga – Tomorrow.

If you work with me, I promise to help you embrace your best self today.


Because really, it’s not just what you eat, how many miles you run, or the cookies you eat in bed.

It’s your sanity.



And like I said: I’ve got your back, girl.


›  I require/believe in complete and utter honesty. Always. Both from me & from you.

›  I love to laugh. (Unintentionally, and perhaps unfortunately if you ask some of my friends, my laugh is LOUD)

›  I need to spend some serious time outside everyday. hike. walk. lake. mountain. toes in the sand. fresh air. Just out.

›  Cooking calms me and soothes me, body and soul. Along with yoga. And red wine.

›  But I have a pretty serious aversion to baking.

›  I want to be a professional country singer. My voice disagrees with me.

›  I can NOT handle it when someone complains about being stuck, but just stays stuck.

›  I read my horoscope everyday.

›  Wearing bright colors, especially pink, red or orange makes me feel happy and vibrant. Lame (crazy?) perhaps, but true.

›  Wine is one of my food groups.

›  I am a hopeless romantic.

›  My favorite day of the week is Sunday. And my favorite kind of Sunday is full-on lounging, cooking, eating & sipping. I can lounge with the best of ‘em.

›  My ideal, necessary and annual vacation (forever.)  is a house filled with family & friends on a lake.

›  I buy almost everything online. Even Q-tips.

›  Although I was born in New York, I know deep down that I belong where I am, here in the South. That being said I truly miss my friends and family, always.

›  I tend to get extremely riled and good an’ fired up when I witness sexism or stereotypes.

›  Although I have been vegan for 4 years, cheese pizza when visit NY is non-negotiable.

›  My rescue pup (who is from Baltimore City & has a mean tattoo to prove it) rescues me on a daily basis. (See below for her cameo.)

Welcome to my Pride.

Much Love,


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Jessica Cummings, Your Wellness Lioness

Jessica Cummings, Your Wellness Lioness

Well, Hey! I am a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP) who empowers women (in their jam-packed, successful & stressful lives) to claim their health & peace of mind. Want in on some of my quirks & irks, and why I am your wellness lioness? Click my pic.

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