You are not just a woman.



Dynamic, powerful professional.

Shoulder-to-cry-on, ear-to-lend, fixer-of-things,

or Author/Artist/Foodie/(insert one of your many hats here).

You are a totally unique woman with a jam-packed, successful & stressful life to match.

But there’s just one little big problem. Too often, while doing-it-all, your health & wellbeing takes a backseat. As in the way-way-back.

Sure, you’re answering emails at the crack of dawn and stay so late at your desk you forget what daylight is like in order to meet and exceed deadlines,

(but you need 3 lattes and a chocolate bar (ok, 2) to get through every afternoon)

You’ve attempted every one of the gazillion diets out there, look up healthy recipes, count calories, and never touch a piece of cake without super-guilt,

(but, seriously, what foods are you supposed to actually eat anyway!?)

And, I know, you possess a plan each and every week to eat better/ hit the gym/ master this health thing (and those 5 lbs that just wont budge)

(but then those extra long commutes, mind-racing sleepless nights, deadline crunches, dinners out, last minute totally necessary errands, weekends chock-full of plans, your-best-friend-broke-up-with-her-boyfriend-kinda-margarita nights…

…AKA LIFE – Keeps. On. Happening.

And you’re still feeling stuck at square one. no time for you. exhausted. unsatisfied. LOST. (with that extra 5 lbs to boot.)

One thing’s for sure: it’s a jungle out there.


(to juggling the ridiculous amount of demands and conflicting information in this full-on hectic and downright chaotic time-consuming life, WHILE fitting into those designer yoga pants & long-forgotten favorite skinny jeans)


And I’ve got your back, girl.

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